backKYMCO became DUCATI official racing partner
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World Racing Team Cooperation

KYMCO became DUCATI official racing partner

With highly enthusiasm about to popularize the motor racing activities, KYMCO not only to host scooter racing by itself but also to sponsor the world top one motor championship. This time, KYMCO have the honor to join with Ducati Corse in 2015 Moto GP world Championship and Super Bike World Championship (WSBK), and to become partner during the phase of racing events. Hereunder is the relative information about the cooperation issues we would like to share with our client.


DUCATI official website news release

Sales in the international market

KYMCO's down-to-earth corporate culture continues to help us make progresses in each field. Through our team spirit, we have obtained the know-how and technology in the research, design and production of scooters and motorcycles. Our long-term focus has given us the competitive edge we need in the international market.

Builds worldwide distribution networks successfully

Today, we have successfully built worldwide distribution networks and set up numerous KYMCO agents in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. With the image of KYMCO seen in every corner of the world, KYMCO has won through the heart of customers in every country in the world.

Impeccable distribution networks

Warm and cheery spirit is manifested in all the sale and service stations of KYMCO Industry around the world.KYMCO holds the first rank in various professional reviews and critiques, including a first place in the Ideal Motorcycle Maker of Taiwan, and a first place in the Distributor Survey of the French Motorcycle Magazine. Today, KYMCO shuttles back and forth in every corner of the world, with agility and vivacity, disregarding national barriers, KYMCO stands firm and determined.

Participation in the global community

KYMCO has over the years been the frequent participator in worldwide motorcycle shows, including the Beijing and Guangzhou Motorcycle Show in China, the Cologne and Munich Motorcycle Show in Germany and the Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy. The impressive design and superior performance of KYMCO's motorcycles have always attracted the focus of attention.The achievement of KYMCO in the global community not only represents the pride we have won for our country but also suggests that KYMCO has become one of world-class players. KYMCO now stands for the synonym of the world's first-rate brand name.