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World Premiere of KYMCO K50 Concept
A Perfect Interpretation of "The Thrills of Touring”

Date: March 24, 2016

With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the development of scooters, KYMCO has not only excelled in the domestic market, but also gained tremendous recognitions from customers all over the world. KYMCO’s scooters have cumulatively traveled over 1 trillion kilometers by more than 10 million customers from over 100 countries in the past 50 years. KYMCO has become one of the most trusted brands when it comes to choosing a scooter. To continue pursuing its long-standing mission in creating personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world, KYMCO is proud to present you KYMCO’s maxi scooter flagship, the K50 Concept, at the 2016 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.
The “K50 Concept” is named after KYMCO’s 50 year anniversary. It is a showcase of the technologies and know-hows that KYMCO has accumulated over the past 50 years. It possesses all the cutting edge designs that have always been found in KYMCO products. It is the pioneer of the new scooter segment “Super Touring”, which aims to provide both the comfort and convenience of a scooter together with the attitude and performance of a bike. The K50 Concept integrates “innovation and breakthrough”, “lifestyle and performance”, “luxury and practicality”, and “comfort and convenience” in perfect unison. It is a state-of-the-art scooter that defines “The Thrills of Touring” by providing unparalleled riding experiences that enable the riders to enjoy their every journey, be it an urban commute or a country expedition.

Gorgeous Design with High Performance Engine
Light Weight Technology for Dynamic Handling Character

The K50 Concept is designed with a futuristic appearance that makes use of purple, blue and black metal finishes. The aggressive facial and sharp streamlined body panels aim to achieve both efficient aerodynamics and visual excitements. With its carefully sculpted windshield, surrounding fairing, and spoiler, the K50 Concept has low drag at high speed. The headlight of the K50 Concept consists of five pentagons in the shape of eagle eyes, creating a unique visual identity and aggressive stance. The V-shape LED light guide and LED taillight give the K50 Concept the high-tech and modern appearance that shine brightly in the dark. The outlook of K50 Concept gives hints to “The Thrills of Touring” even before the start of the journey.
The two-cylinder engine of the K50 Concept is designed to deliver both smooth and strong output. Its twin power mode selection gives the riders the optimal acceleration characters suitable for different occasions. The exhaust sound of the K50 Concept is specifically tuned to be both throaty and intoxicating. With an aluminum body structure, the K50 Concept guarantees light weight and high rigidity. The advanced rear suspension is designed to provide not only the comfort for touring but also the capability to handle every turn at speed. While the seat height is lowered to accommodate different sizes of riders, the underseat storage space remains capable of fitting two helmets. The K50 Concept defines the “The Thrills of Touring” with its outstanding performance capability.


KYMCO has received numerous acclaims at Munich, Milan, Beijing and Guangzhou Motorcycle Shows. The spirit of putting customers at the center of everything enables KYMCO to provide modern designs, outstanding performances, user-friendly features that bring to KYMCO’s success. KYMCO has expanded its sales network to Europe, Asia, South America and Africa and has established itself as one of the most popular brands and the benchmarks for premium import products. At the end of last year, KYMCO has established its wholly owned subsidiary in Japan to further pursue its long standing mission in providing personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world.
The K50 Concept is a “Super Touring” scooter that possesses great performance capability, superb handling characteristic, advanced light weight technology, optimized riding position design and ample underseat storage space. It defines “The Thrills of Touring” and is a model that represents the “Win My Heart” spirit of KYMCO. With the premiere of KYMCO K50 Concept, KYMCO has not only set the standard for the new scooter segment “Super Touring”, but also the landmark for KYMCO to becoming one of the most recognized and respected global brands for the next 50 years.